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  1. RT @drGregBowman: Topping off a great #InaugurationDay by getting the #COVID19 #vaccine. What a hope inspiring day! Hope everyone else will also get #vaccinated at their earliest opportunity. (Feed generated with FetchRSS) Afficher l’article complet
  2. RT @foldingathome: Join all of us at FAH and @Schwarzenegger in saying 'hasta la vista baby!' to #COVID19 as we get the #vaccine! https://twitter.com/Schwarzenegger/status/1351973032953188352 (Feed generated with FetchRSS) Afficher l’article complet
  3. A, l’épidémie de #COVID19 a incité de nombreuses personnes à participer à F@H pour essayer à leur niveau de lutter contre la pandémie B, les participants à F@H, on peut voir que la France est plutôt bien représentée C, comparaison entre les 10 plus gros supercalculateurs et F@H (Feed generated with FetchRSS) Afficher l’article complet
  4. RT @foldingathome: @nvidia We have analyzed our dataset (capturing 0.1 seconds of simulation, the largest in history!) to identify over 50 novel pockets across many #COVID19 proteins! These “cryptic pockets” are candidates for targeting with antivirals. (Feed generated with FetchRSS) Afficher l’article complet
  5. RT @drGregBowman: My 4-year-old: Dada, I don't like the bug (#coronavirus)! When will it go away?😿😿😿 Me: I don't know, but all of my science friends are working hard to make it go away. (Feed generated with FetchRSS) Afficher l’article complet
  6. RT @foldingathome: To end #FAHPockets week, we feature the #COVID19 Nucleoprotein with bonus soundtrack (SOUND ON for the full effect). This video highlights how F@h data helps us identify more than cryptic pockets, we use it to find conformations and states that might tell us how a protein works! https://t.co/L3PwlH01gM (Feed generated with FetchRSS) Afficher l’article complet
  7. RT @drGregBowman: Great progress capturing how the ferocious #COVID19 #Demogorgon (aka spike) opens its mouth to grab its human prey. Each step could present new therapeutic opportunities. Thanks to @foldingathome @Microsoft @Azure #AIforHealth @Mizimmer90! https://t.co/uys4es7r3i (Feed generated with FetchRSS) Afficher l’article complet
  8. RT @foldingathome: Hooray for more #FAHPockets! Today we present a pocket found in the NSP13 helicase (spheres): https://t.co/4GJ1ddcHZY (Feed generated with FetchRSS) Afficher l’article complet
  9. The best diagram of the #SARSCoV2 virus sucker, with its protein components, that I've seen Link to come later from accompanying @NEJM essaypic.twitter.com/7P2r9QjrL6 Afficher sur Twitter
  10. Global organization @FoldingatHome is researching #COVID19 proteins that could help with designing therapeutics. This AI for Health grantee harnesses the collected power of millions of volunteers through Azure and GitHub. #MSBuildpic.twitter.com/f6c2XHqOg7 Afficher sur Twitter
  11. Excited to share that we are studying SARS-CoV-2 Spike protein dynamics and its perturbations (if any) upon mutation. Thanks @bradyajohnston for a great illustration of our work! @FatihiSaman @Surabhi_CSB @deep_anshi @NidhiJatana A thread to explain our recent findingspic.twitter.com/Lgg0YLVIRG Afficher sur Twitter
  12. One of the @drGregBowman lab’s go-to analyses for analyzing F@h trajectories is called Exposons! In this edition of #FAHPastSuccesses Porter and Moeder et al combined F@h data with experimental measurements to demonstrate the existence of a new pocket in beta-lactamase!pic.twitter.com/gRqs6hWcUi Afficher sur Twitter
  13. Today’s #FAHMeetTheProteins features the Nucleoprotein RNA binding domain! https://www.biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.03.06.977876v1.full …pic.twitter.com/CMkgn7jUWk Afficher sur Twitter
  14. A lot of you have been eager for more work units, so we wanted to give you an overview of our process and a status update. We’re working hard to get more work servers up and running in response to our rapid growth in users. Stay tuned!pic.twitter.com/860T3z0jVb Afficher sur Twitter
  15. We want to let you all know what proteins we are simulating, what they do, and what we hope to learn from these studies! We’ll call it #FAHMeetTheProteins Today’s protein is nsp10 from SARS and SARS-CoV2 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4162180/ …pic.twitter.com/8xyM5rlEGK Afficher l’article complet
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